CCCA History Comes Alive!

Jay Quail

Who doesn’t love home movies? There once was a day that every family gathering had some sort of trip, holiday, or birthday documented by the resident video photographer. There was a certain charm and nostalgia to these films that remind of us a simpler time. 

During our most recent HQ move we uncovered a treasure trove of 8 and 16mm and VHS recordings of CARavans® and Grand Classics® as recorded by our members of days gone by. This is a unique perspective of the early days of our club and how we interpreted these events. You can see how much has changed, but in many ways how little has changed. The clothes, the formality, the attention by the public, all come to life in these personal recordings. 

In the spirit of preservation, we are converting these to a digital format to be shared and enjoyed by all. We encourage you to visit our Youtube Channel and explore.