CCCA long-time member Chris Bock has over 50 years of experience with Classic® Cars.  He serves on the current 2020 National Board and he is also the reigning Chief Judge of The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance



Chris has been judging in the CCCA for over 50 years, now.  He has also been very instumental in crafting and shaping the list of Full Classics we continue to embrace today.  His service to the club has been immence going back to the 70's where he helped organize and charter the Northern California Region of CCCA.  He moved up to the National level in the mid 80's and has worked with many of the individuals who were the foundation of this club. His service continues today with his current Board position, acting Chairman of the CCCA Educational Foundation and the Chair of the Classification commitee.

A Native of California, Bock was involved in Pebble Beach very early on. First appointed a class judge at Pebble Beach in 1973, and he often served as chief class judge for American Classics®. He also oversees field operations and serves on the selection committee that vets possible entries for Pebble Beach.

Chris is a past president and national head judge of the Classic Car Club of America and editor of The Cormorant for The Packard Club.

Much accomplished, very well liked and an extremely knowledgable expert of our Classics, Chris is a shining star and a tireless ambasador of the CCCA.  For this we are lucky to have someone of his passion involved in our fine club!


JQ 2020